3 Junior Groomsmen: Part 3

Wedding day.  Our two providers arrived at 9am; ready for a day with the boys.  I was having make-up done with the bridal party, Victor was working and my parents had an errands checklist.  I put each child in an autism awareness t-shirt.   The providers had researched places to go in Wichita, and knew the boys’ favorite place to go was Sonic with the adjoining playground.

None of the Sonics in Wichita had an adjoining playground. Where to go now?  Sasha and Anthony(our providers) found a Burger King and play place.   Taj ate a cheeseburger, though he never eats those at home.   The next destination was a kid’s art place, but it was an off day.  Anthony and Sasha discovered a walkway that described the different types of fish in Kansas waterways, which the boys liked.  Soon it was time to meet me back in the hotel.

I was worried about the bow ties.  We had practiced the wedding walk in our shoes and shirts, but the bow ties and socks were new.

 They kept them on. Yay!

However, right before Taj walked out, he untucked his shirt.   One of the groom’s party quickly stuffed Taj’s shirt in the pants.

At the end of the wedding procession, Sasha and Anthony met the boys where the seating was at and walked them to their seats.  The ceremony was short and all the guests got a pair of lime green sunglasses on their seats that said  “Ashly and Yannic.”  Anwar still wears those sunglasses when we go out.

Pictures with the children were taken first.  Which was interesting.

In every picture with the groom’s party and family, someone is reaching for Savion to prevent him from running.   Or he’s limp and someone’s holding him up.  Anwar looked everywhere but at the camera in several photos(the flash might have bothered his eyes), and Taj was also trying to get away in certain pics.  We made the photo session as quick as possible.  After, there was a huge garden with pathways for the boys to release some energy.

One area had butterfly chairs and insect play equipment.   Large chimes, surrounded by flowers, could be played on.  There was a large grate that coins could be dropped in to make music, Anwar loved this.  A wet grotto could have been explored, but we decided not to press our luck with the lure of water.  A model train set and city fascinated Taj.

“I wasn’t sure about Savion’s shoes but he kept them on,” my mom said.  She spoke to soon. 

Walking back to van we discovered that Savion had one shoe on and one shoe off.

How long has he been walking like that, was he uncomfortable?  But Savion was laughing.  Anwar, frustrated with our slow progress, was trying to lead us to the car.  Taj was taking small and slow steps.  Anthony went with Savion to retrace his steps and found the shoe. Now it was time for the next part of the evening.

The reception.



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