3 Junior Groomsmen: Part 5

Morning.  Originally my parents wanted to leave early and skip the farewell breakfast, but that didn’t feel right.   We decided to stay.  My dad and Sakai, my younger brother, helped transfer our suitcases to the car.

I put the boys in their “Autism Awareness” t-shirts, and caught the elevator downstairs.   It was a breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant next to the lobby.  With my right hand over Savion and Taj’s joined hands and my left hand grasping Anwar’s, we walked in. Specifically, Savion skipped, Anwar tried to run, and Taj decided to squat.  I stopped, arms stretched and lifted my right hand to get Taj up, keeping a steady grip on Savion, while my left hand caught Anwar’s forearm and pulled him back.   Then, we walked in.

Family and friends gathered at a long table to say their good-byes.  Yannic and Ashly hadn’t arrived yet, nor had my parents or the boys’ Uncle Sakai.   Anwar went to a family member of Ashly’s and sat in her lap.

“Say hug please, Anwar”  I reminded him.

“ug pleez!”

I was relieved when my parents and Sakai arrived.  I needed another pair of eyes.  After preventing Taj from sinking under the table, Savion hopping out of the restaurant, and Anwar sitting inappropriately in stranger’s laps I was a little frayed.

The newlyweds appeared and the boys ate.   Savion yelled, “Bye!  See ya later!” to Ashly and Yannic, and we headed back to Junction City after an unforgettable weekend.13406948_1094246140614500_8574651360851812955_n


The boys are with their Uncles Yannic and Sakai in this picture, shortly before the wedding ceremony.