The Valentine Dance

The boys take a pic at their school dance!

Anwar’s dance moves were a mix between Madonna’s “Vogue” and the “Hokey-Pokey.”

He’d flail a leg in, then freeze.  Throw an arm up and stop, looking like a strong man.

It was February at Eisenhower Elementary school, and the Acevedo boys were ready to dance. Girls were dressed in pretty dresses and boys in nice shirts.  Whole families were in attendance and Sasha our caregiver was with us.  Taj tried moves from his hip hop dance class:  marching in place, then spinning and leaning side to side.   Taj’s case manager grinned at me as Taj tried the “Cha Cha Slide” dance with his peers.

Savion saw kids dancing in circles.   He skipped over and grabbed a little girl’s hand, breaking one of the circles, trying to join in.

“No you can’t come in!”  The circle closed and Savion was left on the outside as the kids started circling without him.  Then I heard another voice.

“Savion can join if he wants to.” It was another girl from the dancing circle.  The circle opened and Savion started playing.  I smiled, glad I hadn’t had to intervene and allowed Savion independence.  Those kids started moving in the circle so fast I lost sight of Savion, but then a paraprofessional pointed him out to me.

Whenever a song came on that the school kids liked they  yelled “Yea!”  There was the classic  “Cotton Eyed Joe,” and  the “Watch me whip, Watch me nae nae.”  We walked in just as the “Macarena” had started playing, so we missed that one.

When we got home the boys were exhausted and full from popcorn and juice drinks.  It was at that moment I realized… I had forgotten Anwar’s backpack!  He needed it for class the next day, and I had used it to store my stuff for the night so I wouldn’t have to keep track of two bags.

I asked Sasha if she would be willing to stay with the boys while I drove back to the school and got the backpack.  I didn’t think anyone would take it…but you never know.  There it was!  The backpack was black with white stars as decoration(nicknamed the”Stargazer” backpack by family).  Everything was in there.  Whew.

When I got home Sasha said,

“Sorry if you were planning on doing baths.  They already put their pajamas on and Anwar has his covers over his head.

I assured her it was no big deal.  Everyone was safe and no one had eloped from the dance, or knocked over the dj’s equipment, or accidentally kicked somebody.  I could breathe easy for the night.

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