Giving Thanks While Running Late

I rarely use an alarm clock.  But this morning, I wish I had.  I woke up; it was light outside, the first indicator I was late.  Second, I hadn’t been greeted with a “Wake up, mommy, Wake up!”  Were the boys sick?  Asked my husband what time it was…6:36 am.  The boys’ bus was coming at 6:45am.

l fumbled for my glasses.  Had I knocked them off the bedside table, or washed my face last night and left them on the bathroom counter?  Squinting I inspected the floor, and found them, one step further and they would have been bent.  I exhaled my relief.  Time to count my blessings.  Gratitude in the morning revs me up, listing what I’m missing or did wrong slows me down.  And I needed to be quick this morning.  Bring it on.

“Hi, Mommy!” Savion and Taj greeted me.  Anwar curled up beneath his blanket as I entered the living/bedroom.  Our house is small; we have the dining table and boys’ beds in one room.  Also a kitchen, laundry room, our bedroom and another room for storage.  We stopped getting sofas, the boys damaged those so quickly.

A quick assessment of this morning’s blessings were needed.   The boys’ clothes were organized; backpacks were ready; Anwar’s IPAD was charged for class; their shoes were in the house; I had the house and car keys; the boys weren’t sick and they’d have breakfast at school; also they were following a routine despite not having their checklists.

Every  morning each child gets a laminated check list, there is one for school days and one for off days.  A provider that works with Taj helped us with these.  There are 8 steps, getting up is the first step, eating, folding blankets, brushing hair, etc.. Getting on the bus is the last step, and we got extra time because it came at 6:50 am.

Our only hiccup: Taj running to the back of the house when the bus came, and me having to carry him to the bus while he protested.  Maybe he was upset because we didn’t have the checklist.   Or maybe that I didn’t sing, “Good morning, good morning, we slept the whole night through good morning, good morning, to you,” after he greeted me.  But he stopped at the bottom of the bus steps and walked up by himself, and for that I am thankful.

Rushed mornings can upset a full morning at school, but the boys were following directions as they boarded the bus, and that was encouraging.  I had walked  outside with a coat flung over my pajamas and my feet stuffed into boots.  I got dressed for the day after I saw them off to school.

As Victor was getting ready for work he said ,”Wow! Honey, I didn’t think you’d be able to get them ready in time.  That’s awesome!”  It did feel pretty good.  Tomorrow though, I’m setting an alarm.