Scheduling Summer

School has started.  But before I start writing of our school adventures…I should update you about our summer.

Near the end of the school year 2016, I learned that Taj had been accepted into the Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp in Manhattan, KS.   A camp geared towards kids on the spectrum with peer models.  He would have academics in the morning at a Manhattan school and then field trips in the afternoon.  The camp was thorough, they requested school IEPs when considering placement.  In summer 2015 I had applied for the boys.  However their needs were considered too severe, and without having myself or a provider to supervise, we weren’t accepted.   But this year, with Taj having a provider through the Kansas Autism Waiver Program, Taj was accepted for June and July 2016.   Anwar and Savion weren’t.  I alternated between excitement for Taj and disappointment for Anwar and Savion.

I worried about Anwar and Savion seeing him get ready every morning while they stayed home.  Taj would be picked up at 7:30 am and returned at 5:30 pm.  For the month of June it would be okay, since Anwar and Savion would be going to summer school.  But July?  I would have to plan activities for them to go out also.

What I had not thought about, was how much easier it would be to take the boys out with only two.  Summer 2016 was the first time since Anwar was 3 years old, that I wasn’t basically housebound.  Those past summer days were long.  We were usually up by 5:00 am and I’d take them for a drive,  do floor time play, eat meals, exercise and play in the yard.    There wasn’t a park close by at that time, and even if there had been, I couldn’t trust them not to run into the street.  But this summer was different.  Everyday didn’t blend into the next.

This summer, Anwar, Savion and I walked to free lunch at the local elementary school from June-July.  In August, I  drove them to the 12th Street Center(recreation center) for the free hot lunch.  They also took a free art class and played in the gym at the 12th Street Center.   I would not have been able to do that all three boys.

I got to take them to the tennis courts, try the reduced rates kids movies and drive to Manhattan for the Discovery Center, Splash Park, Mall and then Library.  The entire time I gripped their hands, but we did it!

I know next summer will be even better.