Bacon, Sugar Cookies, and Breakfast

The bacon was burnt. My son was wailing. The solution: sugar cookies. Yes, it’s unhealthy and yes it’s not the best model to set before your children, an empty calorie breakfast.

However, when 4:00 am is your children’s normal waking time, and 8:00 am feels like noon… a breather is needed to survive the rest of your day. With my middle son singing, “The computer needs a virus! The computer needs a virus!” I corrected him, “The computer has a virus hon.” Which meant it had broken down and my youngest son was tugging my shirt giggling and saying from low to high volume, “Ipad! Ipad!”

My oldest had become absorbed with the oven countdown. He then ran to get his quilt, put it on his head and yelled, “Bwwwahhh!” His portrayal of Rapunzel swinging from a parapet with long hair fluttering behind her, his short coils just not enough.

I still hadn’t eaten, and though cookies are not a favorite of mine, I took a bite after they had cooled. The sugar caused a grimace, but I smiled in front of my son. It was a Saturday and as I turned on the Disney Radio and gave two of my sons pens to draw with and the other a Barney book, I finally sat down. My husband rushed out and exclaimed, “What is happening?!”

I had no words. I was exhausted and worn out, but happy that no one was exhibiting self-injurious behavior or trying to fly off of the table.

Back to the the contents of breakfast though, I acknowledge that it’s not the best scenario, but it’s a great alternative to shutting down and zoning out as the chaos grows. Besides, its’ not every morning…